Laxmi puja..!!

Laxmi.. the goddess of wealth.The bengalis, the people worship her for wealth.. for happiness, contentness in life.. And if you ask why wealth, its simply because “Wealth is not everything, but a must need..”

From the morning, rather yesterday the elders remain busy in marketting , buying the required things needed for the puja…Then the day of puja comes…. The most interesting thing which I find in Laxmi puja is the “alpona-session”..In this, all you have to do is to sketch footprints of the goddess… Sounding pretty easy?? haan? ..but I tried many time but everytime i screwed it.. Thereafter, mom doesn’t let me touch “kharimati”( by which ‘alpona’ is designed)…lol..
In the afternoon, the elder women get dressed in red bordered white sarees( I love that look) & sit together for the fruit-cutting session…:).. kudos to them!!…How can they sit at the same place for hours??… Next comes ‘anjali’… then ‘sinni-session’- its a mixture of fruits , milk, sugar & many more…& It tastes awesome…

Left-Thats kharimati…Right-That’s a ‘pradip’..

On a whole… maa Laxmi , the daughter of Durga comes on earth just after Durga pujo to freshen the environment of festivals .. give everyone the feeling of not being upset & whispers in our ears, the ‘festival of lights’ is knocking at the door…!!

6 Replies to “Laxmi puja..!!”

  1. I am So impressed with your Knowledge i.e bengali customs..who says that GEN X boys/girls doesn’t have any knowledge about their culture?
    Keep twitting me about your blog

  2. heyy..the last line was awesome..the festival of light is knocking at d door..really after durga puja when maa durga leaves for kailash we all get d verge of sadness widin ourself..n dazz y may be 2cheer up all d dear ones of devi durga..her daughter maa laxmi cums n lets us regain all our happiness and charm..n tries to inform us dat its d month of festival..
    bdw souvick..alpona is better when it is left up2 girls..hihihi.. personal feeling abt lokkhi pujo is like gettin dressed up in a beautiful saree..gvin anjali n den havin prasad n dat sinni..datzz awesome in taste..
    loved anoder post of urs..[:)]

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