The festival of lights ’09..!!

A city full of lights… a sky full of fire-crackers.. a lamp with a wish to enlighten the heart of people.. a road full of people dressed in their best attires .. a little girl moving a lighting torch in a round manner , a little scared but the sweet smile of her face expressing her happiness.. Being a witness of those special moments I made my Diwali special.. The festival of lights ’09 for me was a bunch of special moments giving me the opportunity to capture them… I took it… rest is upto my readers, that I’m successful or not..!!

This year, unlike the last time, I saw my city (Siliguri) totally covered by lights , it was lookin like a queen, the high budgets of each club ended up making awesome crouds at the pandals… Some of the pandals were good, some were great, some inexplicable… A local club named Tarun Sangha (T.S) comes in the catagory of inexplicable… their effort can be put into only two words ‘gracefully composed’…

Check out some pictures…

Left-The image of T.S.. Right-It was tough taking this ’cause of the push from every possible sides 😉

Left– Hey guys, have a look at the fountain …. Right– An image made of all kinda Utensils ..

Left– Lights of dream… Right– A nice image of maa kali…

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