‘That subtle innocence’

A life starts with the innocence of a certain expression, cry. Slowly the number of expressions increases. Though the best of all remains there, silently. Innocence. We grow up, get matured, gradually. The innocence never dies though. The best expression of a human being stays… sometimes forgotten.

Sometimes we smile, sometimes cry. We love, we hate. We fight, we pray. Still , amongst these thousands expressions there are times when we don’t understand what expression to bring forth. That alien feel, that gives birth to innocence. Brings out a man’s best self.

Never let it die. For, the good will always remain. Either we want it to or not.

Basanta-utsab ’11

Colours of happiness fill my mind when I recall 19th March ’11. Shantiniketan was crowded with lots of multicolured smiles, it was graceful, elegant still composed. Graceful for the presence of talents, elegant for Senoritas and composed for the presence of mother-figures.

An unknown sweetheart!

Ain’t she moody?

Rang barse!

Suddenly saw this woman with that expression! And my lens did the rest.

[N.B– Clicking on ‘The day of colours’ was the toughest work of mine till date. But at the end of the day, one could see the colourful smile on my face.]


A fine afternoon. Awesome lunch. Then, a post-lunch walk. Unaware of the near future. All of a sudden, I came across them. Gracefully composed two souls on earth. They smiled, posed before me. Did they silently ask, “why red”?

[PS- I thought of giving captions for the pictures, then I realized some things are best left unsaid! And my sincere thanks to Swastika Bose for her thoughtful contribution.]