‘Mahalaya’- welcoming Maa Durga

First of all, I owe you guys an apology for not writing since two months. But dear angry faced readers, keeping that anger inside look at its good side, i’m back, and back with not a ‘bang’ but a better sound, an unmatched ‘voice’, the voice of Late Mr.Birendra Krisna Bhadra. The ultimate charm behind Mahalaya, the traditional prayer.

“Yaa debi sarbabhuteshu,
shaktirupen sanhaswita..
Namastaswai, namastaswai ..namastaswai,
namoh namah”

[English- Goddess Durga , you are omnipresent, you are the ultimate power, I salute you.]

The nostalgia of his enchanting voice, the smell of those old radios which comes out only one day in the whole year, and late risers becoming 4 o’clockers , the win of good over evil – these define Mahalaya.

‘The man behind the unmatched voice’

The six day countdown to Mahasaptami starts from Mahalaya. Goddess Durga comes to earth for only four days but seven days prior to the Pujas, starts the Mahalaya. The enchanting voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra fill up the predawn hours of the day thus marking the beginning of ” devipaksha ” and the beginning of the count-down of Durga Puja.
The chirp of birds along with that unmatched voice presents us a holy environment. A dawn which comes only once a year. Some immortal tunes, some music and an evergreen voice. This is Mahalaya, for me, for us.

The festival of lights ’09..!!

A city full of lights… a sky full of fire-crackers.. a lamp with a wish to enlighten the heart of people.. a road full of people dressed in their best attires .. a little girl moving a lighting torch in a round manner , a little scared but the sweet smile of her face expressing her happiness.. Being a witness of those special moments I made my Diwali special.. The festival of lights ’09 for me was a bunch of special moments giving me the opportunity to capture them… I took it… rest is upto my readers, that I’m successful or not..!!

This year, unlike the last time, I saw my city (Siliguri) totally covered by lights , it was lookin like a queen, the high budgets of each club ended up making awesome crouds at the pandals… Some of the pandals were good, some were great, some inexplicable… A local club named Tarun Sangha (T.S) comes in the catagory of inexplicable… their effort can be put into only two words ‘gracefully composed’…

Check out some pictures…

Left-The image of T.S.. Right-It was tough taking this ’cause of the push from every possible sides 😉

Left– Hey guys, have a look at the fountain …. Right– An image made of all kinda Utensils ..

Left– Lights of dream… Right– A nice image of maa kali…

A rendezvous with a hill-town..

Kurseong.. around 40 km from Siliguri , a small hill-town situated on the way to the “Queen of the hills”.. It takes around 1 hour by bike or Tata Sumo.. A cool weather, fantastic people around, an awesome scenic view, clouds touching your feet, world famous toy-train… thats Kurseong for me..

The Kurseong station, Check the height..

It was Ashtami , I got up a little late ;), then went for “Anjali”( a bengali custom).. After getting wet by ‘shanti-jal’ (I guess they were provided with a lot amount of it..lol) I retuned home .. While having break-fast , my friend (Suva) came, and asked, “Wanna go for a ‘hill-patrol’ ?”..

Me with Karismaa..

We went out on bikes… It was fun.. The temparature was decreasing gradually with the increase of altitude.. The zic-zac ways were adding thrills to our adventure .. We reached around 2.30 pm..
Personally speaking, I love the behavior of the Nepalis’.. They are very friendly,they showed us the way to the Kurseong Polytechnic College.. Next, we went to the market.. bought some cool accessories.. Gave some nice poses in-front-of the camera…lol… Then came the time , when we had to head back…

Top left – Toy-train… Top right – Me & Suva..
Next– Kurseong Polytechnic College
Next– A scenic view

The experience was awesome.. & i’m really looking for the next one… which is gonna be “Mirik, another beauty of nature”….