That dream of life.

Its diwali today. Lights are all-over crafting our way to fantasy, to the world of open-eyed-dream. Those blue ones are my personal favourite. They take me to an other world, where one can draw their imaginations.

Life consists of reality and dreams. Both complete each other. One fine day, dream can help you get over reality and on the next, reality takes over dream.

This very picture shows a dream. Lights of joy, Taj of love. But its just that the next morning one can’t remember the dream properly. Just the theme stays. Like life, happiness stays. No matter what the reason is.

[PS – The picture is a product of imagination and Nikon D5100]

Droplets of thoughts!

Did you ever feel the ecstasy of getting that special gift?

Did you ever hear the sound I make when I cry? Was that a sob? Unnatural?

Have you kissed me to relief when the dark clouds of future grasp my thoughts?

Did you see grin in my face when I hold the P100? Even if it is the worst day for me in the whole week.

Did you see the difference in my smile when I see you?

Did you?

Droplets of thoughts, dedicated to you.

Era of social networking..

Social networking is a hot topic now-a-days.. The ‘degree of hotness’ can be explained easily with an example ..Yesterday only, one of my friends’ called me and said exitedly, “hey, you know… George is now commited..” I asked, “How come you know?” He replied, “Yesterday I checked his FB(facebook) status…”

Its social networking fever..!!!.

Who doesn’t know about FB? Who have never heard the word ‘Orkut’? Tough questions to answer…

Here goes the 3 hot-favourite social networking sites..


‘Screenshot of Orkut’

Staring with Orkut, it is the one which introduced me to social networking.. In the beginning I found it interesting… but now I find it pretty monotonic & boring.. According to one of my friend (Aritra Sen), “its just a photo sharing album for me”..

In this era of social networking, Orkut-developers need to think something interesting except for copying facebook..!!

My rating3.4 outta 5


‘Screenshot of FB’

Next comes, facebook.. founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook was designed as a social networking site for Harvard students.. In 2006 it was made public.. Form then on it started to gain popularity because of its cool features..

Thumbs up:

i. It has a cool outllook..
ii. The status update feature & comments on that is nice…
iii. The facebook-page, badges, virtual games makes the site more interesting..

Thumbs down:

i. Now-a-days FB is used maxly for being ‘mafia’ or ‘zoo-owner’ rather than networking..

My rating4 outta 5


‘Screenshot of Twitter’

Twitter is my favourite networking site right now.. its a micro-blogging site.. All you have to do is just update whatever you are feeling like saying…& you are done..

Thumbs up:

i. “When you can’t speak your heart out… try talking to strangers”..& for that Twitter is there for you..
ii. Its time consuming..
iii. It keeps you updated all the time…All you need to do is to follow the right persons…
iv. You can talk to a person in public or for privacy it has DM (Direct Message) feature…
v. Sms-tweet, Celeb-tweeps, sharing pic… these features makes it the hot-fav now…

Thumbs down:

i. The new RT feature doesn’t support editing on the particular tweet…Now, thats uncool…

My rating4.4 outta 5

Now-a-days social networking has engulfed a good part of our life.. On one hand, it has made the world much more smaller.. but on the other hand, we are losing humanity to some extent.. & we can’t deny this fact..
In this ultra-modern world what we should not forget is that at the end of the day.. “We are still humans..”

[P.S- There are many more social networking sites as My space, hi5, ning & so on… ]