Gangtok, an escape from ‘virtuality’!

Capital of Sikkim, unique architecture, mesmerizing scenic beauty, refreshing flora and fauna, incredible cuisine and an amazing culture .. Gangtok should be in top of the bucket list of every traveller.


Feast the view from Hanuman tok!

Siliguri and the capital of Sikkim are just 114 km away, but the differences in cleanliness, culture and nature, two are worlds apart. This journey had been an escape from the ‘virtualities’ of now-a-days life to the ‘eyegasmic’¬†reality of the Himalayas.

A view from Dongkheyala (not a POI, just the name of our hotel!)

First day, after the costly lunch (yes, alu-gobi costs 150 bucks), we started with the sidescenes tour. Well, if you are already interested and planning Gangtok as your next trip , let me tell you there are 3 golden rules.

  1. A good driver.
  2. A good back condition.
  3. A 16GB memory card or preferably more.

Recording videos is an absolute necessity. The super-tight turns and the sharp banking of the roads take your adrenaline to the next level.


Tukla in Silk Route (almost 13900+ ft) 

#Gangtokdiaries was not about destinations, it was more about the journey. And the next day proved it. The spine-chilling (literally) roads, turns and Continue reading

Desired. Waited. Achieved.

30th Oct, 2013. A long wait ended. A goal achieved and a goal added to life. Goal to approach the next step of the ladder. To be a better human being. A better IBMer!

Lets start with the things this post is not. Its not a success story. Its not a success guide. This is a chain of events put together. Fragments of my life, how I got depressed after TCS, how I realized that it was actually a lesson, and how I accepted the fact that I have got control over many things, but I keep cribbing about things on which I have no control, which is a waste of time and energy. Perseverance is a sword. And putting my time to shine it was and is a better use of the time. Continue reading

We shall overcome!

‘Scared’, we all are in our different ways. But is it worth being scared? Is it worth wasting your valuable time all for a fear of ‘something’ or ‘someone’, or most commonly ‘splitting from your dream’? He is scared that he might not get into a good job. She is scared because she might not get a good husband. The kid is scared because his new toy may break. Trepid is the word which can be used to define many of us. But then again we are ‘scared’ to accept it, even!

Today is about ‘courage’. This post is about power, perseverance. Its about a guy named Umashankar Thakur. A student of class 12, , whom I met on 3rd December ’13, an inborn blind. I once read somewhere , ‘When you were born, you cried and the whole world rejoiced. Live life in such a way that when you die the whole world cries when you rejoice’. Continue reading