A photographer in the making!

Camera, photos, snaps, the sound of clicks… dunno the exact time when these words became my friends. And gradually, not just friends, they kinda turned into my passion, my smile. Though here, I don’t wanna start with my obsession for photography, because then this post may take the whole front-page of my blog, which is not yearned for! So here goes some clicks,

“A simple click which can’t be described into words”
“My last auto-mode click”
“Shutter speed 1/350, aperture 5.6. 26 x optical + 10x digital. Unedited!”
“Rooftop click”

Description of my cam – I own a Nikon coolpix P100, which is not a DSLR but this specific SLR can be termed as photographers-delight! Some features as follows:

1. A 26× optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers a broad focal range of wide-angle 26mm through super-telephoto 678mm (35mm format equivalent)

2. Technologies that enable excellent image quality: CMOS image sensor with backside illumination structure, Backlit Scene HDR (high dynamic range) mode, which makes the most of continuous shooting technologies, and an advanced Night Landscape scene mode

3. High-speed continuous shooting functions that enable continuous shooting of images at the maximum size (10 MP) at 10 fps and sport continuous mode, which allows for continuous shooting at up to approximately 120 fps

4. Full HD movie recording and playback functions

5. A 3-in., approximately 460k-dot vari-angle Clear Color Display simplifies shooting from a variety of angles

6. 5 features that effectively prevent or reduce blur caused by camera shake and subject movement

7. Smart portrait system for consistently beautiful portraits

8. HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging to create images with a range of tonal detail that could not be captured in a single photo.

[PS- I started off with a Sony cybershot dsc-910 belongs to Anirban Saha, my brother, and my inspiration for photography!]

Proud to be an idiot!!!

By Rajkumar Hirani

3 idiots…. a movie of friendship… a movie of college-life… a movie of giving semesters without preparations… a movie of loving the daughter of the director of your college…a movie of having rum with friends & pissing on the door of the director’s house …a movie which offers you a new type of ‘delivery’ on a table-tennis board… a movie of real engineering…real desires.. real feelings..!!

Breaking the old-shakels of the study-system i.e. Ctrl+C to memory & Ctrl+V on the paper, the movie teaches us to love A.Chakravorty, Das & pal, Moris Mano etc…. in-stead-of using ‘beep’ words for them before sems’..

Here goes the idiots (Q-Why are they idiots? A- Go n watch the movie..!!),

1st idiot,

Farhan Qureshi (Madhavan).. a guy who is compelled to be an engineer… while his heart travels in the jungles with a cam for wildlife photography….

2nd idiot,

Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi)… a guy who is so much concerned about his future that he’s not left with any concentration to concentrate on the present…!

3rd idiot,

“Bahti hawa sa tha wo…
chuke humare dilko….”
(He was like a breeze, touching our hearts)

The 3rd idiot is Rancho (Aamir Khan)… a guy who preferred practical study, rather than being a bookworm…. a real trend-setter, who follows his own heart while choosing any decisions…. the real ‘Jahapana’

On the whole, the movie is a package of laughter, sadness, love, masti … every possible feelings you can expect from a movie.. & undoubtedly, ‘3 idiots’ is the ‘best’ delivered by 2009… The plot is taken from ‘5 point someone’ by Chetan Bhagat, but an edited version of it. To quote ‘3 idiots’ in one line, it will be, “Perfection at its best” (cosidering it as a bollywood film). It has already embarked one of the greatest starts ever… & I will refer everyone not to miss this milestone of Aamir Khan, which worths every penny you spend on it….

[PS- I watched the movie today morning only & have already booked the tickets for tomorrow morning..]

2 states turned into 1

To my readers,

A story about a IIT-IIMA-ian guy Krish Malhotra & economics gold medalist as well as IIMA-ian girl Ananya Swaminathan… The first person is Punjabi & the latter Tamil brahmin…

Before going into it, I have something to say about the coverpage [read- an interesting wrapper], while i turned the book over, i saw something written over there, which was something like this..

In all over the the world,
A boy loves a girl , the girl loves him too & they get married..

In India,
A boy loves a girl, the girl also loves him..
The boy’s family love the girl, the girls family love the boy too…
The boy’s family love the girl’s family & the girl’s family also love the boy’s family…
The boy & the girl still love each other…
They get married….

These lines gave birth to two thoughts in my mind in succession ..

1.yes , its correct..

2.That is our love & priority to our parents…

Then I started reading the book… I had to cross many hurdles to read the book… like ******* practicals[read- semestar practicals], Avishek da( who even called me up around 4.30 am on my birthday asking for the book) & some more things which are too personal to disclose…
Today morning only I finished ‘2 states’….& I started with my review about this book…

Here goes the characters [read- lovers & villains] one by one in my views ……

1.Krish is great throughout… a nicely sketched character by Mr.Bhagat… he is simple, not a book-worm(Don’t mind IIT-ians, i’m not trying to discose anything about your character anyway.. no hard feelings), sympathetic, confused sometimes, hard-worker, charming..and yes a great lover… (I will surely mind wearing a ‘lungi’ which belongs to my father-in-law!!!)

2.Ananya… feminist of course.. confident, proud( of course she will be, she is an IIMA-ian indeed) the charm of the book till the Goa act…a bit impatient….and of course how can i forget about her beauty… in my words ‘a multicoloured butterfly’… But lastly i wanna quote a line from the book, “The word ‘future’ & women is a dangerous combination”…she is no different….

3. Krish’s mom[read- sometimes the cause of my red face while reading the book] A real mom… rather a real punjabi DNA…but she loved her son.. & as she faced such[you will get it while reading the book] a life, the mistakes she made are easily forgivable..

4.Krish’s father A teriffically confusing character…. a former Army Officer who loves to shout at his better half… doesn’t love someone watchin his TV… but turns out to be the savior of Krish’s life atlast…..When he started to grow feelings for his son…. While he started to earn money???

5. Ananya’s parents Here I loved the sketching of characters by Mr.writer… I have only one thing in mind for the ‘harish-lovers'[don’t make your brain work much.. read the book ..& you will get to know…]They are a good family, all they need to do is to change the way they eat…;)

The other characters are ‘sweet and salty’…they add a special flavour to ‘two states’…

The book is an awesome treat to read..They way Chetan Bhagat described how 2 states came closer & closer is inexplicable…I’m sure anyone can enjoy the book with the couple from Del’-‘nai* (Krish & Ananya…I’m sure if Ananya was for real she would have called me in my personal no. to change it to Ananya & Krish.. but lucky me ,lucky Krish..)

But Lastly, here I throw a question for everyone… specially guys…”I couldn’t make out, a superp sexy girl like Ananya is hanging out with a guy like Krish( who doesn’t even have any other friend to discuss about.. leave friend-circle!!! )… and the other guys of IIM saw them , cutting their nails with their inborn nail-cutters(teeth)..!!thats starnge.. Isn’t it!! ”

By Souvick Mazumder

PS- By the way, I forgot to tell you.. the ****** [read- physical closeness] parts are also nicely described…
*Del’-‘nai – Delhi + Chennai

She is here…!!

9.30 pm… foggy surrounding,a silent darkness, a faded view, a couple walking along holding each others hands, streetlights trying hard to let others know about their presence, the feel of natural smoking…
Someone came all of a sudden, even the day before also there was no sign of her, but now she is touching my warm body with her soft, icy hands & caressing me, her feel is making me tremble…. She is winter…my favourite of all seasons..
I love this season the most & the reason follows…. I have always been a nature-freak. High mountains , dense forests have always called me from my childhood.. Specially, I love to feel the silent way of expression of Nature, which feels the best in this season …