Castaway to Mysore!

It has been long since I penned down something, long enough since I fiddled with my camera. Perhaps I was not finding the right experience, the right moment. Perhaps I was somewhere lost opening the same application everyday, sitting next to the same window, in the same cubicle. Yesterday helped me ‘escape’. An escape to be a traveller, an escape to breathe.. escape to the City of Palaces.

“There is the glimpse of the Mysore Palace. But lets come to that later! First lets get back to how the day started! Rather kick-started!”

4.35 am || Dated : 30th November ’14

♬..Umeedo wali dhup..sunshine wali aasha..♬

An irritating man: Hi, its a call from TaxiforSure regarding your booking. I am your driver.
Me : My booking was at 5.30, and you are already here?
The irritating man: Yes.
Me : Okay, thanks for waking me up. Good morning and enjoy the waiting!

Couldn’t curse him enough to wake me up that early. And if you think the waking-up-part doesn’t sound like a ‘promising start’ then you should wait for the ‘finding-badami-house-part’! After waking almost 4-5 sleeping-drivers-in-parked-cars up on the way to inquire about the route, the departure-point, ‘badami-house’ was discovered finally at 6.35 am. And thus the journey started with Karnataka Holidays.

“After a south-indian-breakfast-in-buffet the day unveiled itself gradually. Oh! And did I mention the restaurant’s interior was decorated with Onions and Coconuts!”

St. Philomena’s Church, Mysore. A beautiful sight to the sore eyes!

“Post-lunch menu was the Mysore zoo. Covering 157-acre in 40 mins. Quite an impossible task! But then again as Adidas says, Impossible is nothing!”

Its like they are saying, ‘Playing it my way!’


Ain’t I handsome? – An inhabitant of Mysore Zoo.

One free soul!

Later, after seeing Mysore City from Chamundi hills we realized how apt the nickname was, The City of Palaces .

…little did we know that we are going to find out why it is also called The Garden City.”

The dancing fountain!

The dancing fountain’s gracious performance marks the ending of the day. The Brindavan Garden was the last stop. Our bus left for Bangalore at 8.10 pm. We, still mesmerized with the beauty of the lights, tried to close our eyes and play the performance of living-fountain again in our head, asking ourselves..

..who said beauty doesn’t come with a price!

Don’t miss north and south, both parts of the Brindavan Garden || Expect a lunch not worthy your taste buds. || Make sure you take your time to enjoy the inside of Mysore Palace. || And last but most important keep your memory card free for the Mysore zoo and the Brindavan Garden.


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