Gangtok, an escape from ‘virtuality’!

Capital of Sikkim, unique architecture, mesmerizing scenic beauty, refreshing flora and fauna, incredible cuisine and an amazing culture .. Gangtok should be in top of the bucket list of every traveller.


Feast the view from Hanuman tok!

Siliguri and the capital of Sikkim are just 114 km away, but the differences in cleanliness, culture and nature, two are worlds apart. This journey had been an escape from the ‘virtualities’ of now-a-days life to the ‘eyegasmic’ reality of the Himalayas.

A view from Dongkheyala (not a POI, just the name of our hotel!)

First day, after the costly lunch (yes, alu-gobi costs 150 bucks), we started with the sidescenes tour. Well, if you are already interested and planning Gangtok as your next trip , let me tell you there are 3 golden rules.

  1. A good driver.
  2. A good back condition.
  3. A 16GB memory card or preferably more.

Recording videos is an absolute necessity. The super-tight turns and the sharp banking of the roads take your adrenaline to the next level.


Tukla in Silk Route (almost 13900+ ft

#Gangtokdiaries was not about destinations, it was more about the journey. And the next day proved it. The spine-chilling (literally) roads, turns and Continue reading

The Countdown has begun!

“Baajlo tomar alor benu,
matlo re bhubon..”

[English translation: Goddess Durga is coming to earth and that initiated happiness all around it.]

‘She’ is at the doorsteps. ‘Maa durga’ (Goddess Durga) is coming to her home from in-laws. The countdown has begun! With less than 13 days remaining, the preparation reached the apex of thousands anticipation. Women are busy with parlours-markets-and-so-on-list, husbands busy paying (:P), teenagers busy planning, and photographers are busy clicking.

Here goes few clicks caught by my lens.

“Preparation on”

“Man behind the happiness”

While photo-shooting yesterday, I met a guy. A very simple one with mud in his hand, and few 10 rs/- notes in his pocket. They are the idol-artists, working night after nights giving perfection to the shape of the idols. In my words, they are the real architect of happiness, that we enjoy.

“The countdown has begun”

Within 7 days, the evergreen voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra will inaugurate “Debipokko” and then it will just be 6 more days to go.

[PS: Usage of photograph without proper permission is prohibited.]