Gangtok, an escape from ‘virtuality’!

Capital of Sikkim, unique architecture, mesmerizing scenic beauty, refreshing flora and fauna, incredible cuisine and an amazing culture .. Gangtok should be in top of the bucket list of every traveller. Feast the view from Hanuman tok! Siliguri and the capital of Sikkim are just 114 km away, but the differences in cleanliness, culture and …


Rain. Kolkata. And him.

ভিজছে রাস্তা, ভিজছে ফুটপাথ, আজ ভিজতে ব্যস্ত এ শহর | মন ভিজছে না এই বর্ষাতেও, যেন শুকনো জীবন ই আমার দোসর | [Poem by Rajat Mukherjee]