Desired. Waited. Achieved.

30th Oct, 2013. A long wait ended. A goal achieved and a goal added to life. Goal to approach the next step of the ladder. To be a better human being. A better IBMer!

Lets start with the things this post is not. Its not a success story. Its not a success guide. This is a chain of events put together. Fragments of my life, how I got depressed after TCS, how I realized that it was actually a lesson, and how I accepted the fact that I have got control over many things, but I keep cribbing about things on which I have no control, which is a waste of time and energy. Perseverance is a sword. And putting my time to shine it was and is a better use of the time.

After TCS, Wipro was the next big ‘failure’ ( read – lesson). I cleared the aptitude round but couldn’t clear the interview. The technical interview was of 50 minutes. I missed out on some Basic Electronics questions, the lady interviewer concluded, ‘You will get into a better company, but you need to work on your basics’. Next came Capgemini, which was nothing different. An unprepared me got a prepared treatment. And I went home thinking, ‘Enough is enough. What are the things I need to change?’

That question gave me the elevation I needed, with some other events happening here and there, my preparation started. To all my fellow aspirants I want to share one thing here, this preparation means studying properly for 3-4 hours a day, and rest of the day was like normal chit-chat and fun. This fun helped me to tackle the pressure. Thus passed 2 years and 7 days after TCS, and came 28th Oct 2013, the day I sat for IBM GBS off-campus drive.

If I am talking about that day then the first mention will be Soumee Di, without any doubt, she helped me from the beginning. Her two important points, ‘Avoid being with a friend on the day of Aptitude Test’ and ‘Avoid talking much’ worked as magic. First round was online aptitude test. It ended by evening and the moment I walked out of the hall an IBM-coordinator asked ‘What’s your IOK number?’ [Thats your identification number for the whole process] And before I realized he said, ‘You have cleared the test’. My mind said, ‘Whoa! That was easy and fast.’ The next moment I realized, I came in the first 700 in almost 8000 people. I savored the moment and called home to inform and Dad’s statement was, ‘Delhi abhi dur hain’. I calmed myself and had a word with Soumee Di regarding the english round, where she showered me with confidence. And later, to my surprise, those 20 questions of English Round seemed really easy. [This part is all about basic grammar and official letter formats.] That day ended with a smile and I was in the top 330, almost.

Then came 30th Oct, 2013. A day, I can’t ever forget. I was tensed, agitated, happy and hopeful. My interview timing was 11 am, which took place at 3 pm, almost. This four hours were inexplicable! I wish I was a better writer and explained these four hours in a rhetoric way, but I can’t.

Talking about interview, IBM interviewers look for a proper conversation. They are friendly enough. So my strategy was ‘Put a smile and stick a while’. Turned out the interviewer was also from Siliguri, and then after some basic questions, politics became the main topic of discussion. Where Congress was shot-gunned and BJP praised. All of a sudden his eyes went to the stones in my fingers, and he asked, ‘Do you believe in astrology?’ I answered, ‘No Sir, but I believe in my mother’.

30 mins passed. And then came a moment of sheer happiness… ‘this part is beyond explanation’. I wish you all juniors well, and sincerely hope you all feel this line and not just read it. Some day. One day.

Some tactics,

1. Listening to songs helps alot before interview.

2. Stopwatch is a must for practice.

3. IBM series questions are a bit different. Please go through the sample questions.

4. It eases pressure if you have a mentor to help you continuously throughout the process. I had Parents and Soumee Di.

5. IBM coordinators and interviewers are friendly. So the first thing to do is relax.

Today, I want to thank few people. First, Anirban Saha, he has been a constant guide, a friend, a critic. Two words for you dada, ‘Thank you’. And yes, I don’t see entering ‘Bengal College Of Engineering & Technology’ as a failure. Now you know why.

Second, Soumee Das, who calls herself Charlotte Payne in Facebook. She was the secret of my confidence. Thank you di.

Third, Anjani Mishra (you may not expect this), but yes, this guy has taught me having a positive attitude can help you achieve everything. The guy who was not eligible to sit for TCS recruitment drive, but helped many to crack it, is now at SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd.

And yes, Maa, Baba, last but no way the least, this achievement was more for you than me. Thank you.

 [PS:  Almost 200 people joined BIg Blue that day.]


12 Replies to “Desired. Waited. Achieved.”

  1. That was really motivating in so many ways 🙂
    Really happy for you and this whole experience once again proved that patience and hard work are surely the keys to success
    All the best for your IBM life ahead :))

  2. So happy for you brother. Perseverance, not losing hope, trying again and again are very fundamental requirements to achieve any goals in life.
    My sincere admiration to all your supports, specially Soumee. I know very well what it is like to move towards your goal without a mentor. That’s why probably I know the value of having a mentor in life most.
    Always keep expressing your gratitude like this.

    Here is a passage from the Gospel of Matthew in Holy Scriptures:

    “Whoever has GRATITUDE will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have GRATITUDE, even what he has will be taken.”

    Best wishes for you future.

    See I finished the comment at last line earlier. But as you said my comment is valuable for fellow aspirants, I’m adding this.

    Warning: You or many of your readers may not like the content. So please read at your own risk.

    Don’t you compromise for a bit less than the life you deserve. Don’t you ever waste your gifts being brainwashed by society or emotionally blackmailed by near and dear ones ( sorry to be rude, but bitter truth).

    If working for IBM means that much to you, then congratulation! Be an IBM rock star! Don’t you ever get distracted even if Katrina Kaif gives you marriage+1 Cr/month offer (kidding :p ).

    But if anyone else reading this blog is thinking “Wow! Souvickda got a job in IBM? His parents must be so proud! I need to drop my guitar and dream of being a singer & start preparing for IBM. Otherwise I’ll get my ass kicked soon”. Then let me tell you that you are making a big mistake. Get your ass kicked today, but go for your dream. Make less money if you can’t, take more time to succeed if you need, but follow your heart! If you get banged by a bus tomorrow ( God forbid), you won’t regret that you didn’t do what others wanted you to do, rather you’d regret all the things you wanted to do, but didn’t do.

    You must have heard that there is no single definition of success. But let me tell you the one and only definition of failure LIVING WHOLE LIFE PRETENDING TO BE A PERSON YOU ARE NOT. A billionaire who wanted to be an astronaut is a failure, so is a great homemaker mom who wanted to be a singer. A poor shepherd boy is successful if all he ever wanted to travel and see the world. ( Read Alchemist by Paulo Coelho)

    I know some of you may be thinking. It’s easier said that done, we need to be practical, we need to take care of family… etc etc.

    I know very well how tough it is. After completing 8 years in Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission, ranking 269 in WBJEE, completing BE (ETC) from Shibpur BE college, when I decided to discontinue my academics & pursue my passion of Entrepreneurship & Personal Growth, I hope you can guess what I had to face from my family. I’m from Midnapur btw. People around me went in near shock that I was killing by bright career with my own hand. For last 7 years the doubts, insults, criticism I had to face from my closest people can’t be described in words. But you know the fun part? Everything was worth! Today when I wake up with excitement & go to sleep with deep satisfaction that I could spend whole day doing only the things I wanted to do, that compensate for everything.

    I wish you all the same feelings some day. Be who you really are. Live your best life.

    If my words did hurt anyone’s feelings, sorry for that. It’s purely unintentional. .

    1. Let me start with a ‘thank you’ Sourav da, your comment is truly valuable for me and other readers too am sure. Now, coming to the point, I would say I am sure what I don’t want to do. And talking about passion, I hope the post gave you some idea, how important it was for me. More than a secured future in a Govt. office, a life in IBM is what I prefer. I cleared IBPS PO written as well. But I have decided already where I want to go.

      Also, I want to pursue Photography. Working on that as well. One day, later on, if I have to choose, I might choose photography. Bless me that I can always pursue my dream. 🙂

      1. Always welcome brother. Btw let me crush another myth today. Who told you that Govt. job has secure future? Buddy, when Govt. don’t have their future secured, how can they give guarantee of our future? The economy we are going to face in near future, Govt. won’t be able to afford to provide security to much people. You may have noticed that slowly some terms and conditions are changing in Govt. jobs. More changes are coming. Many people doesn’t know that, there are people who lost Govt jobs. How? Do some research you’ll find many Govt. sectors gradually privatized & removed employees. Btw when my Dad joined bank 25-26 years back, it used to be a secure career then. Now? Wish I could tell you the turbulence the banking industry is going through.

        May God & your parents bless you. Call me to get your ass kicked if you lack the courage on the decision-day. I’m very good at that. 🙂

      2. Haha! Sure. I know it will be tough to make them understand. Everyone around is telling me to go for the PO. But then again, I have one example to give. Right? 😛

  3. @Saurav Ghosh .. well done. 🙂 salute.

    @souvick — re creating a scene from the day when I was in for the Aptitude …

    “First ‘thing’ I saw after I got out of my car was Monodeep Bhattacharya, & quite a ‘big thing’ it was…So, you guys somewhat know me.. & you also know I’m not the kind of person to sit quiet. 😀 .. so began the chit-chat & leg pulling stuffs. It continued for 2 days”… So not talking to anyone is more of a personal solution. It will vary..

    I was shown the door during the TCS interview , after clearing the aptitude.. I was happy anyways that my friends got in.. seriously I was.. went for a party that night.. \cold/ huh?!?

    Same thing happened again during the Tech Mahindra Interview.. This time.. it was Mayukh who got in.. happy for him, somewhat depressed for myself, it was mixed feeling. Partied that night too. 😛

    Then 6 months, did nothing,.. just played counter strike 😀

    Then retrieved a mail from my spam box, asking me to come for the IBM Hiring process.. went for it.. cracked it.. everyone was happy.. I was happy too.. But , you know what.? next morning when I got up.. I thought what next ?

    Let me tell you something, its not to scare you or dishearten you, But you’ll find yourself at bottom of the corporate ladder, with all the pressure on you.. you wont think if its IBM or not.. you’ll curse it. Seriously, like Saurav da said.. “Live your dream”.

    Yes , welcome to IBM. Enjoy your days here… but never leave your dream. It’ll keep you alive in this dry,dusty I.T. roads.

    – A fellow IBMer .

    All the Best, Buddy 🙂 GL & HF.

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