We shall overcome!

‘Scared’, we all are in our different ways. But is it worth being scared? Is it worth wasting your valuable time all for a fear of ‘something’ or ‘someone’, or most commonly ‘splitting from your dream’? He is scared that he might not get into a good job. She is scared because she might not get a good husband. The kid is scared because his new toy may break. Trepid is the word which can be used to define many of us. But then again we are ‘scared’ to accept it, even!

Today is about ‘courage’. This post is about power, perseverance. Its about a guy named Umashankar Thakur. A student of class 12, , whom I met on 3rd December ’13, an inborn blind. I once read somewhere , ‘When you were born, you cried and the whole world rejoiced. Live life in such a way that when you die the whole world cries when you rejoice’. If the author wanted to give example, he could have named Mr. Thakur, a bengali medium student with a well spoken english accent, a clear mind’s owner and the youngest son of a barber.

I was present in the event of ‘World disabled day’ when this guy came up to me with a white paper with some dots in it and said ‘Sir, I want to read a poem, which I wrote last night.’ After 30 minutes, when he finished his poem, I realized I could address him as Sir as well.

The poem follows ,

‘ওরাও একজন’    –   উমা ঠাকুর

হাত নেই পা নেই;
নেই তো চোখের দৃষ্টি,

ওদের মনে জালাতে হবে;
নতুন আলোর সৃষ্টি|

ওরাও নাচতে পারে, গাইতে পারে;
আকতে পারে ছবি,

নিষ্ঠা একাগ্রতায় ওরা;
কাজ করে যায় সব ই|

তোমার আমার ভাইবোন ওরা;
তোমার আমার ছেলে,

ওদের তোমরা কাছে ডেকে নাও;
রেখোনা পেছনে ফেলে|

ওদের জন্য কিছু কর;
ভরবে তোমার হৃদয়,

নতুন করে বাচবে ওরা;
জানিবে নিশ্চয়|

ওদের স্বপ্ন সফল কর;
উজ্জল কর মুখ,

ওদের হাসিতে গরবে তোমার;
ভরে উঠবে বুক |

Few simple words, deep thoughts and putting own experience forward, that was this poem for me. When he touched the dots from his white paper, he was not reading he was throwing a question to us, ‘ And you are scared of your problems?’

[PS : I had a long talk with him regarding his life, which as I promised him, is kept a secret.]


2 Replies to “We shall overcome!”

  1. Brilliant one, as usual! 🙂
    Each and every one of us are scared of something or the other, without a reason. Being afraid is something deadlier than incurable diseases like cancer, where you don’t have the essence of life even when when you are wide awake and breathing.

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