Rain. Kolkata. And him.

ভিজছে রাস্তা, ভিজছে ফুটপাথ,
আজ ভিজতে ব্যস্ত এ শহর |

মন ভিজছে না এই বর্ষাতেও,
যেন শুকনো জীবন ই আমার দোসর |

[Poem by Rajat Mukherjee]

5 Replies to “Rain. Kolkata. And him.”

    1. The translation : “Kolkata, the busy city is getting drenched, with everyone in it. But its not the same for me, the rain can’t do enough to please my innerself, which is ever-dry’. [The translation is just a rhetorical way of looking at it!]

  1. they say, “some enjoy the drizzles, while others-just gets drenched!” well it varies from person to person, and, obviously on situations. rainfall do very much effect in childhood, but with time n age, all the scenarios changes, or rather the mind of people. n thus what remains in us- dry n drained out life- so much moribund that no rainfall can ever make it alive….

    loved the poem, n so the click- which reveals the originality of today’s life of a layman- too busy to enjoy the rain!

  2. Awesome click! You have hence proved how the simplest of events around us can become so special and meaningful. We see such scenes everyday in our daily life but never cared to take a moment to enjoy. Thank you for showing us the simple things in a different way through your lens. Keep it up. Will be looking forward for more(Specially from your recent visit to Kumortuli!)

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