The Countdown has begun!

“Baajlo tomar alor benu,
matlo re bhubon..”

[English translation: Goddess Durga is coming to earth and that initiated happiness all around it.]

‘She’ is at the doorsteps. ‘Maa durga’ (Goddess Durga) is coming to her home from in-laws. The countdown has begun! With less than 13 days remaining, the preparation reached the apex of thousands anticipation. Women are busy with parlours-markets-and-so-on-list, husbands busy paying (:P), teenagers busy planning, and photographers are busy clicking.

Here goes few clicks caught by my lens.

“Preparation on”

“Man behind the happiness”

While photo-shooting yesterday, I met a guy. A very simple one with mud in his hand, and few 10 rs/- notes in his pocket. They are the idol-artists, working night after nights giving perfection to the shape of the idols. In my words, they are the real architect of happiness, that we enjoy.

“The countdown has begun”

Within 7 days, the evergreen voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra will inaugurate “Debipokko” and then it will just be 6 more days to go.

[PS: Usage of photograph without proper permission is prohibited.]

19 Replies to “The Countdown has begun!”

  1. The warmest welcome note of this puja. Loved it simply….You are a great writer reaching deeper into someone’s mind and express every wanted feeling..

  2. jst awsm bro….miss pre-puja enjoyment a lot….upload pics as much as u can…. and d song with d pics…speechless…

    1. Please let me know more about your group. I would appreciate if anyone shares my blog among some avid readers. πŸ™‚

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