Dated 2nd March ’11

3:04 am. Why awake? No clue. Missing something? May be. Confused? Yes.

Some days pass without the feel of them passing and some as a falling star. Sometimes, dilemma becomes your unwanted shadow and sometimes the path is clear as an autumn-sky! Some days luck calls you ‘best friend’ and some days you regret why gamble? Some moments worth cry for and some make you cry. Some days you are loved and some days cursed.

Memories, family, love, passion. What is worth living for?

They say happiness is what matters the most, but I say, at what cost? Your happiness, your truth can be brutal fact for someone, a moment to regret in his whole life. The way you are seeing it, you may feel it is a smile, but if you care to look from another angle, you may see a face hiding inside a wet pillow.

There is fan which is making us feel comfortable right now, then why is making that agonizing sound? We, the people are too busy in our own fantasies to think. Even me.

Are you old enough? If you, then are you content? How many days from you life you remember? Think.

Scattered thoughts. But aren’t they worth thinking for?

I may not remember tomorrow, but today is different. ‘Emotions’ they are, what made it memorable, not happiness alone, neither sadness.

4 Replies to “Dated 2nd March ’11”

  1. I have learned thatemotions are fleeting and unreliable, highly tainted by our own perceptions and misperceptions. The only thing that is tangible is the present moment which is the reality’s thread that holds it all together. And when we take hold of that thread, we start to find the meaning of everything, for it’s that thread that is all that really exists.

  2. The more you think(about life, about yourself), the more you’ll be confused. so, better, not to think!

    BUT, if you stop thinking, perhaps you’ll miss to relish some of the moments, some fine lines of emotions, some untold senses… that may not make us feel comfortable, but, WILL give, some sort of completeness…

    so, to stay indifferent, stop thinking, enjoy with what you get,
    to be complete, think, feel, and BE! πŸ™‚

    – your article gave me some this type of feelings! for me, to some extent, it contained, the melancholy of desolation, which is not not at all to be regretted, but, be felt with smile instead! πŸ™‚

    nice work as usual vick, enjoyed the read!

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