Eyegasmic Visakhapatnam!

Srikakulam Road, Vijayanagaram … some more of those words, and atlast Visakhapatnam. While watching outside from the dripping-wet-window, I could see the uncertainties of the trip and felt how interesting life can be with a tender touch of them. The trip was quite like a surprise for me. And ended up being a beautiful-experience.

“That’s Falcon!”

Visakhapatnam, a city in Andrapradesh, is no less than a painter’s imagination! The view of greeny hillocks, azure sky kissing the bottom of Bay-of-bengal, picturesque roads are just the beginning of what Vizag has to offer you. Though the 1st day for me started with a fight for getting a sea-side hotel which seemed quite an impossible task in the late December. Then, somehow, things got sorted out and I was free to explore a beautiful beach named Ramkrishna beach, the 1st one in the queue of five.

“RK beach”

2nd day, places like Rishikonda beach,Kailashgiri, Submarine museum, Palm beach were enough to keep me dow-eyed, specially Kailashgiri, the view-point
there, named titanic-point had a breath-taking view of the whole city including the sea! And the 3rd day started off with Araku Valley but Borra-cave was the star-attraction of the day.
The naked beauty of nature was mesmerizing. Eye-gasmic.

“Ain’t it beautiful?”

“Borra Cave!”

“A click”

Some beauties are subtle,elusive. Inexplicable. Words aren’t enough to describe them. You stare at it for hours, still its not enough. That is Vizag.

“A moment!”

[PS- To talk about the south-indians, they are gentle, have god-gifted tongue, but dear south-indian men, its not the moustache that makes you a ‘man’!]

7 Replies to “Eyegasmic Visakhapatnam!”

  1. Your work fascinates me, I have seen these places,but believe me,its looking more beautiful now..I sincerely hope that you continue to flourish in this field…you are really good..Best of luck always.

  2. Brilliantly put. I was in Vishakapatnam earlier this year and the place bowled me over too. Your photos capture it beautifully. Reading this post was almost like revisiting the place again 🙂

    PS – re: south indian moustaches, we’re not as obsessed about projecting our masculinity as men from other parts of the country…it just adds to one’s facial appearence 😛

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