A fine afternoon. Awesome lunch. Then, a post-lunch walk. Unaware of the near future. All of a sudden, I came across them. Gracefully composed two souls on earth. They smiled, posed before me. Did they silently ask, “why red”?

[PS- I thought of giving captions for the pictures, then I realized some things are best left unsaid! And my sincere thanks to Swastika Bose for her thoughtful contribution.]

14 Replies to “Choose!”

  1. Oh, that was so touching… Brevity has its own beauty & this post of yours is a testimony to it… 🙂
    Well done! 🙂

  2. Cool pics. 🙂

    But few points:
    1. Quotes in the pics maybe ‘cool’ but seems totally unprofessional in approach.
    2. Use your name in the watermark instead of any handle. For the same reasons as stated above.

  3. Thanks . Criticisms are always welcomed. I will look into the matter for sure! 🙂 And about the handle, thats the brand in its making!

  4. boss, i knew that you are a budding photographer…but seeing these snaps i admit you are no more a budding photographer but a proffesional one…for sure…well done dear friend…

  5. they says, “pen is mightier than a sword!” likewise, a photography, though silent, but can prohibit the shout of violence!

    n here, i must say, it’s not just a photography! the calm beauty of the silent messengers modified it to the question of a fellow viewer, that “why red”??

    nice msg souvick, n of course gr8 work as usual! keep it up, n gift us more of these, day by day! 🙂

  6. The handle may mean a lot to you, but not to the audience you want to capture, right? Most of them may not even connect with it.
    My point is it’s good to make a brand, but make it a point that it’s simple so that people knows that they are looking at your pics when they see the watermark in the corner.

    Anyways, take more pics and experiment loads. All the best!

    P.S. Take a look at my pics in FB( or Flickr ( Do comment if you like them. Thanks.

  7. This is really good…I have finally come to the conclusion that age makes no difference where talent is concerned…will always follow your work….I don’t know much about photography…but I can certainly say that you are a natural.

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