A photographer in the making!

Camera, photos, snaps, the sound of clicks… dunno the exact time when these words became my friends. And gradually, not just friends, they kinda turned into my passion, my smile. Though here, I don’t wanna start with my obsession for photography, because then this post may take the whole front-page of my blog, which is not yearned for! So here goes some clicks,

“A simple click which can’t be described into words”
“My last auto-mode click”
“Shutter speed 1/350, aperture 5.6. 26 x optical + 10x digital. Unedited!”
“Rooftop click”

Description of my cam – I own a Nikon coolpix P100, which is not a DSLR but this specific SLR can be termed as photographers-delight! Some features as follows:

1. A 26× optical zoom NIKKOR lens that covers a broad focal range of wide-angle 26mm through super-telephoto 678mm (35mm format equivalent)

2. Technologies that enable excellent image quality: CMOS image sensor with backside illumination structure, Backlit Scene HDR (high dynamic range) mode, which makes the most of continuous shooting technologies, and an advanced Night Landscape scene mode

3. High-speed continuous shooting functions that enable continuous shooting of images at the maximum size (10 MP) at 10 fps and sport continuous mode, which allows for continuous shooting at up to approximately 120 fps

4. Full HD movie recording and playback functions

5. A 3-in., approximately 460k-dot vari-angle Clear Color Display simplifies shooting from a variety of angles

6. 5 features that effectively prevent or reduce blur caused by camera shake and subject movement

7. Smart portrait system for consistently beautiful portraits

8. HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging to create images with a range of tonal detail that could not be captured in a single photo.

[PS- I started off with a Sony cybershot dsc-910 belongs to Anirban Saha, my brother, and my inspiration for photography!]

7 Replies to “A photographer in the making!”

  1. wow you really have the eye of a photographer.I dunno much about photography but these are awesome pics.And your camera sounds really powerful.Have fun with it.

  2. I have started following you and will be interested in seeing photographic skills grow. I also shoot Nikons ( D300 & D300s)
    Great cameras. Remember the cameras are only tools. You take the images. The best way to improve is to try and photograph something everyday and also study some of the great photographers.
    Good Luck

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