Adieu 2nd years’

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Was it two long years or a blink of an eye? Was it two years which i will remember with lot of smiles or with a little cry? Was it two years which I can’t ever forget or something to regret? Was it my life’s best two years or the next two will be?
Some questions can never be answered, some riddles can never be solved. All you can do is you can enjoy it to the full swing. And I did.

Happiness is what mostly the last two years offerred me. Bunking classes, watching movies, late night counter strike, less(read – no) studies, spending unforgettable moments with friends and so on are the contents which filled these years. I learned how to live and more importantly why to live! Even bad times came my way, but my friends (read -angels) were always there for me, supporting me!

And if i’m talking about college life its impossible for me not to mention hostel. They say hostel life is the best life you can ever imagine if you are a guy. Each day i realised how true that saying is. Those small fights without any reason, those drunk sessions, those clashes over one single banana left in someone’s room, fagging in counter with almost 15 people, those evenings copying assignments sitting altogether just before the last submission date, unslept nights before exams, those swears of starting study from next semester, but never doing so.. those smiling moments complete me, my life.

Many will think I will miss them, but i won’t. You miss what is away from you. But these inexplicable moments are glued to my heart. Very close. Impossible to move to a corner. Once I heard, life is beautiful because we are mortal. It is beautiful because we are doomed! True. I won’t ever be of 18 years’ again! These two years will never come in my life again! And that is the reason why each and every memory of these years are precious to me, be it pain or gain!!

9 Replies to “Adieu 2nd years’”

  1. reminds me of my presi days……although i havent stayed in hostel but i can understand how much u all must have enjoyed 🙂 #nostalgic :))))

  2. Hostel is indeed the most nostalgic place of one’s life..One who has not been thru this place has missed the most important thing in his life..Its the world’s best damn place for entertainment..U can do any shit u feel like without any1 to command u or stroll above ur head..Whether u study or not,eat or not,sleep or not,its upto u,a freedom which u can enjoy like u have never had before nor u will ever have after these 4 years..

  3. Its said that life goes on with its swirl & twists….if the days of our upto life is classified to a few chapters, i think most of our pals would be by my side that the college life (specially those of engg) is the best ever….and as described by souvick, its not only spl for the boys, itz equally spl for the gals too!

    perhaps we missed something (viz: the hostel lyf), still the hangouts…the canteen addas…and the overall gain (an i’d say no pain) really worth my life……..

    loved my colg life too…and the nostralgia of souvick reminded me~ yes! i’ve passed two grand years! n hardly have 1.5 more… (0.5 is deducted for the vacation/busy tymes :P)

    really a good description souvick….& a gr8 analysis… 🙂 you expressed, & gave word to those feelings~ that each of us have…to the deepest corner of our mind…. 🙂

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