Mumbai nagariya!!

The journey begins:

‘IIT-B’… ‘Aamchi Mumbai’… ya!! That was our destination.. While sitting on seat no. 29 (which got confirmed 10 mins back, out of nowhere!!) of Mumbai Mail I was doing two things simultaneously… 1st, recollecting the memories of the day starting from the morning.. 2nd, murmuring a song …

“Shola hain ya hain bijuriya..
dilki bajariya… Mumbai nagariya..!!


It was 4th Feb ’10… The day started with a call form S.M, the faculty-in-charge of our e-cell.. Till then I haven’t got any support from the administration except one line, “Souvick, you are going to IIT-B for the Global Conference. I’m sure you will not let us down”.. Anyway, later on that day, my partner in this journey Subhomoy Roy (AEIE , 2nd year) & I managed to get the tickets. Although running short of time, we also managed to have a chat with the Director of our Institute before leaving… &.. trust me, if there is any competition named ‘packing-luggage-the-fastest’ .. no one could have beat me that day..!!

We reached Mumbai -CST around 7.30 am on 6th. The entrance of CST looks like an arc of a temple.. CST(Chatrapati Sivaji Terminus) was formerly known as VT (Victoria terminus).. Knowing that from an uncle, a joke which I heard long back came to my mind – Q. Which is the biggest sex trasplant operation till now in the world.?? A. Turning Victoria Terminus to Chatrapati Sivaji Terminus..!

Ye hain Mumbai meri jaan:

We stayed in Mumbai for 3 days.. The Global Conference was an awesome experience and a nice exposure for us in such a platform.. The conference was pretty much interactive & many ideas that I got from Probal (NEN personnel) will be incorporated in our e-cell in this coming session..

That was IIT, but Mumbai seemed even better.. Places like Marine drive ,Juhu beach ,The Gateway of India make us proud to be Indians…. The city has glamour… The city has talents.. the city has vara-paos (can’t just miss that.. that was our break-fast as well as lunch and sometimes dinner too)..!! On the whole, The business capital of India really impressed me with her beauty.. Though the extravagance of money was always there, but someone once told me, ‘To see beauty, to see simplicity you need to have proper eyes’..yes!! I saw simplicity & I had to.. because the biggest asset of us (Indians) is our simplicity..isn’t it?

Here goes some clicks of the tour.. I enjoyed clicking them, hope you will do the same viewing them..

the road to CST

A click in Juhu beach

Me in IIT cafeteria… having cheese burger

Thats the Gateway of India

This click is my personal favourite.. marine drive…

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