The queen unveiled..!!

Freezing cold… enigmatic view… inexplicable feel….evergreen Kanchanjangha peeping through the clouds in the azure sky… tranquil snow silently making surrounding more romantic…a bottle of beer & awesome enjoyment… that has always been ‘the queen of hills’ Darjeeling for me… She has always welcomed me with surprises.. This time she was waiting ‘unveiled’ for me & adding to the surprise’s list, we got a royale guest house totally free of cost for one night…. (top-secret :P)…

Here goes some clicks …

The Glenary’s , the Fiesta, the Darjeeling tea corner , they still give me the same feel. Personally speaking … I have always felt somewhere connected to Darjeeling . Whenever i’m away from the ‘heaven on earth’, unknowingly, I miss her……… But, I go on, with a feel that next time ‘the queen’ will be waiting with some new surprises for me…!!

[To be continued..]

8 Replies to “The queen unveiled..!!”

  1. it(this post along with the photographs!) reminded me of the post i reviewed…perhaps a couple of months ago…when probably that was the 1st or the 2nd post of this blog…

    it reminded of the beauty of “miss darjeeling” with whom souvick had an encounter!…

    after a long day back, i felt the same essence of beauty…and fragrance of darjeeling!! really the “queen of hills!”

    thanks souvick…for the 2nd review…

    and the pics…they’re damn good to resist oneself to rush there and enjoy those with their own human eyes….

    its really awesome!!! 🙂

  2. A touchy one, honestly. But I think it’s Darjeeling, which has made you more enthusiastic to explore her in such a unique manner I suppose. Isn’t that so? That’s the specialty of her.
    The memory of mine visiting Darjeeling still enthralls me, in each and every moment……….

  3. Darjeeling has always been very special to me….some of my best years were spent there….made friends, forever….enjoyed my freedom..had fun..and found my first love….you have captured the very essence of the place and made me emotional…its in you..that special talent..don’t let it go..wishing you the very best …Alpana

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