…sitting beside a window!!

Laziness… ?? is that it?? i will rather call it… a moment to think about yourself.. a moment to think about whats happening around you.. a silent date with yourself

Sitting beside the window of my room.. I can see a woman totally covered with a brownish shawl on the roof of the adjacent building…I can hear a metallic sound , dunno from what the sound is coming from…. I can feel the silent breeze tenderly touching me….

There’s a little sapling trying to show its face from under the ‘siltech water tank’ on the adjacent roof…its fighting hard for its existance in this material world…

A crow diving from the roof without the fear of falling….

We, the people… we have so many things… a house to stay inside… cloths to cover us… tv’s to watch .. phones to talk… & many more… but ‘they’ freeze in the cold.. they dont have tv’s to watch…not phones to talk.. but still there’s no sign of sorrow in there face… how can they be happy??

“Happiness lies in the way you want to see it”.. my date with myself left me with a smile in the face… i think i’m happy!! what about you??

12 Replies to “…sitting beside a window!!”

  1. Awesome Souvick! You taught me a lesson today. We have so many things still we are unhappy, that’s why I write my Blessing List everyday. But I always thought of other people who are not as privileged as I am, but from now I will also think about other living things. Thanks bro for opening my eyes.

  2. nice way of getting a very philosophical thought across…happiness is within us…the more we spread this happiness the more happiness comes back to us… its the best feeling in the world…being happy! nothing can beat it! look at me, am blissfully happy for no particular reason!! lols! happiness….is serene….it calms you down…its peace….and yes its love…for yourself and the world around you.

  3. huumm…a very sweet topic emerged during d end of one long decade..

    when i sit n look thru the window..i can see a lil grl stayin wid her family just besyd ours..c is so happy..nt yet faced d cruelty n hypocricy of lyf..yet unknwon 2 dis materialistic world..c is still so innocent,unaware of the future pains..

    i guess i ws d same sumtym..bt nw world around me has changed..things r nt d same..i just wonder can i go bck 2 dose days..can i bring d years back which r gone..we celebrate d 31st dec nyt so merrily evry yr..bt hv we ever thot it tks 1yr away 4m our life…may be in future we will recall dis 1yr n will wish 2 go bck2 it 1ce agn…

    so my feelings r quite lyk dis..

    Sitting alone,at the window pane..
    fighting wid memories full of love and pain..
    wiping my tears agn n agn..
    wondering wht i hv lost..wht did i gain..??

  4. happiness lie widin ur ownself..just remembr the moments dat gave u smile..ull be d most happiest person..may be it will be for few minutes bt still d glitz in ur eyes will make ur day..

  5. “wat u like 2 hear?!
    wat u like 2 do?!
    wat u like 2 have?!
    if u got dose… dats happiness”

    itz said so…..but with each empty momments we pass by(specially with our ownselves) it gives us some spl feelings..some realisation that, perhaps we’ve never considered before!!! then these times are not passed “lazily” or lonely!! rather itz desolation…..which fertilises our mind…resulting it to a fruitfull one!!!

    itz great souvick……that you think of it!!! keep it up! 🙂

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