Proud to be an idiot!!!

By Rajkumar Hirani

3 idiots…. a movie of friendship… a movie of college-life… a movie of giving semesters without preparations… a movie of loving the daughter of the director of your college…a movie of having rum with friends & pissing on the door of the director’s house …a movie which offers you a new type of ‘delivery’ on a table-tennis board… a movie of real engineering…real desires.. real feelings..!!

Breaking the old-shakels of the study-system i.e. Ctrl+C to memory & Ctrl+V on the paper, the movie teaches us to love A.Chakravorty, Das & pal, Moris Mano etc…. in-stead-of using ‘beep’ words for them before sems’..

Here goes the idiots (Q-Why are they idiots? A- Go n watch the movie..!!),

1st idiot,

Farhan Qureshi (Madhavan).. a guy who is compelled to be an engineer… while his heart travels in the jungles with a cam for wildlife photography….

2nd idiot,

Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi)… a guy who is so much concerned about his future that he’s not left with any concentration to concentrate on the present…!

3rd idiot,

“Bahti hawa sa tha wo…
chuke humare dilko….”
(He was like a breeze, touching our hearts)

The 3rd idiot is Rancho (Aamir Khan)… a guy who preferred practical study, rather than being a bookworm…. a real trend-setter, who follows his own heart while choosing any decisions…. the real ‘Jahapana’

On the whole, the movie is a package of laughter, sadness, love, masti … every possible feelings you can expect from a movie.. & undoubtedly, ‘3 idiots’ is the ‘best’ delivered by 2009… The plot is taken from ‘5 point someone’ by Chetan Bhagat, but an edited version of it. To quote ‘3 idiots’ in one line, it will be, “Perfection at its best” (cosidering it as a bollywood film). It has already embarked one of the greatest starts ever… & I will refer everyone not to miss this milestone of Aamir Khan, which worths every penny you spend on it….

[PS- I watched the movie today morning only & have already booked the tickets for tomorrow morning..]

15 Replies to “Proud to be an idiot!!!”

  1. Thanks Souvick! This 4th Idiot really likes your review! I liked most the first paragraph. Feeling sad that I haven’t watched the movie still, but going to watch it as soon as possible. I really liked the book “Five Point Someone” and now the tadka is adding the crew from “Rang De Basanti” It bound to be awesome.

    I was thinking about something…how about spreading this “Be Idiot” (in the sense the film wanted to mean) message to every youth in our country, so that they can dare to follow their heart? This initiative will be incomplete without the initiative of BCET Bloggers. Tell me what you think?

  2. Nice idea.. Sourav…. “Would love to be an idiot”… we need more idiots to change the system…. We need to spread this….

  3. “wat the hell is going on here?! 1st you’re copying from her and now exposing your sheet to copy it from you????”

    ->actually sir, itz the universal law of nature..give and take!
    live and let live!”…..

    This is the tag line i think all engg students believe in! actually engg is the coarse of study(which i discovered personally after being admitted to my colg.. lolzz) which teaches us how to share wat you learnt,..rather than to be educated with your own!!! study in an engg colg is not jst study and “copy-paste” the contents in your answer script! rather it includes fun, romance, frndshp, legpulling…and everything good or bad…watever yo may say!!!

    so movie on such a life must be a delicious one!!! and souvick your review is making me so crazzy…that i feel like rush and watch it as soon as possible!!!

    really nice review!!!

  4. I’m a big fan of Aamir & i never expected him to do a movie like Munna Bhai type……..your review is good & i’ve already watched the film & i’m a bit disappointed with Aamir……they spoiled the charm of 5 point someone……..

  5. wow…very nicely written….havent seen the movie but feel provoked to watch asap…. i promised to myself to pay a tribute to SRK by not watching any bollywood venture before the release of My Name is Khan…but now i seriously dont wanna give it a miss….shhhhhhhhh plz bro dont let the King Khan know bout this…

  6. Really a great movie to watch out, but I must mention in this context that it’s worth watching just for once………
    I personally think so, it’s entirely my perception………..whatever I think so……….
    After all, it’s a commercial flick, especially the ending of the film is too much ‘filmy’……….
    What do you think?

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