She is here…!!

9.30 pm… foggy surrounding,a silent darkness, a faded view, a couple walking along holding each others hands, streetlights trying hard to let others know about their presence, the feel of natural smoking…
Someone came all of a sudden, even the day before also there was no sign of her, but now she is touching my warm body with her soft, icy hands & caressing me, her feel is making me tremble…. She is winter…my favourite of all seasons..
I love this season the most & the reason follows…. I have always been a nature-freak. High mountains , dense forests have always called me from my childhood.. Specially, I love to feel the silent way of expression of Nature, which feels the best in this season …

2 Replies to “She is here…!!”

  1. owwaaooo..beautifully commented on d queen of i feel..hv u ever had d seep of hot tea or coffee…during an winter eve..if not den go ahead ull feel amazing..the warmth of takin a cozyy blanket n sleepin coverin it may b d best comfort one can eva have..
    Winter..the most romantic season 4 couples too..justt lyk d way dese coupless r enjoyin d winter eve together..the presence of each oder and along wid dat addin d essence of a warm tight hug serves the perfect dish LOVE..

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