Maa Durga captured..!!(Maha-nabami)

Check out my Nabami clicks people…

Maa Durga in ‘Daaker saaj’..

Left one– An tough click standing in a tug-of-war situation because of huge gathering..
Right one– Have a look at the prizes ..

This is another beauty.. The image of Maa offered by a local club..
Left one-This is the best pandal of Siliguri according to me.. Konark’s Sun-Temple…
Right one-Check this one ..This is Winner’s Clubs pandal.. We couldn’t enter the pandal because of the huge mass..

Left one-Depth of passion.. Interior decoration done by a Club of Champasaree…
Right One-Image of Maa Durga made of sponze….

4 Replies to “Maa Durga captured..!!(Maha-nabami)”

  1. Good shots. Thanks for offering a view of the dussera celebrations. I have heard so much about these pandals.. but had not got a chance to view their beauty. Thanks to your beautiful pictures and descriptions, the sights and sounds of dussera come alive in your blog.

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