A river-bath..!!

100 foot.. No, i’m not talking about a giant’s height..;) I’m talking about a place, Its named 100 foot…

Its around 8 kms from my home.. Yesterday me, George, Arnab, Pratik ‘boarded’ our cycles & left for that place named ‘100 foot’. It took around 30 mins to reach. The importance of the place was (for us),the place was open & there was a river. Thats all what we were looking for… Although we din’t have any plan of having a bath, we just couldn’t ignore the rivers call… We jumped into the river in boxers(you can call those boxers)…lol…& we returned with a pocket full of sands..

Left one- Thats me…Right one- Me & Arnab

We weren’t carrying any cam ..So we couldn’t capture some awesome poses… But we have sum cool ones…by nokia 5130…..
Check ’em out…..

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