AEIE’PRENEUR- A new start… a new blog..


Today.. I’ve started off with a new blog ..this blog is for promoting AEIE (App. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering)…

The blog’s name is AEIE’PRENEUR… It deals with what Instrumentation actually is… We all are well aware of the field of Electronics that it has undergone rapid changes in the recent times with fast changes in the development and expansion of different communication technologies like Internet, ISDN etc. The Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering contributed to the advent of real time application, high speed computing, data acquisition and feedback system, high speed telephony, advanced remote control system to name a few…

The idea was given to me by a senior of our college only, named Srijit Jain(3rd year).. He told me what are the prospectives of this stream.. & Some other have also showed me their interests , for example, Arshad Raza (4th year), Chakita Sarkar(2nd year), Bidurin(2nd year, TICT) ..Thats why I came up with this blog…AEIE’PRENEUR….

The demand for Applied Electronics is growing rapidly and job opportunities for graduates are multi-faceted. The graduates can work as Manufacturing Engineers in [multi-national corporations] like Sony, LG, Samsung, and Philips, as quality controllers, research, design & development consultants, entrepreneurs, and teachers…

To visit the blog…click below..
AEIE’PRENEUR- A new beginning, new prospectives

3 Replies to “AEIE’PRENEUR- A new start… a new blog..”

  1. Undoubtedly, AEIE is a gud branch wid loads of prospectives in d present scenerio …n ur introduction itself speaks dat u dont need to gain confidence …i think u are a confident AEIE..preneur…. 🙂

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