Maa Durga On Her Way..!!

Ya Debi sarhabhuteshu, matrirupen sanhashita,
namastassai ..namastassai.. namastassai ..namoh namah….

1 day & 1 night to go, that evergreen voice of Mr.Birendrakrisna Bhadra (late) is going touch our heart through our ears again, each & every year it does the same… But we never get bored of it…Do we??? No, we don’t…. How can we?? Because this tells us that ‘Mahishasuromardini’ is on her way..
It gives us the feeling that today is ‘Mahalaya’… and 6 more days to Saptami….

Thousands of pandals, colourful lightings, innovative image of Maa Durga ( ex-made of glass, made of cd etc ), millions of people, everyone in their new attires, the sound of thousands of feet, the smell of caps, gunpowder, the sound of drum-beats….. these are more than enough to make those four days( Saptami, Astami, Nobomi, Doshomi) unforgettable for me..for everyone.. Every year its the same, but still its not the same… For many people these four days are four specially colourful days in their black & white life….

Maa Durga comes for four days and gives us loads of happiness… Uncountable feelings.. without asking anything for herself… She puts her affectionate hand on our heads without any expectation… Love you Mother….

4 Replies to “Maa Durga On Her Way..!!”

  1. OH MY GOSH !!!!……this jsut reminds me of tht freaking masti time …which we used to hav before 6 years …n nw this ..n nw no more of it …this life sucks man hate it i swear…..since past 6 years i hav bnt seens durga maazzz face …..i feel really bad….but anyways ur this article,…..really is very enthusiastic…n tells me tht how much u guys r exited for new cloths …n all tht fun……i swear i hate derek mountford …for this ….anyways u guys enjoy to the fullest …….

  2. eii..topic taar reply english e korle thik jombe naa..durga puja..sotti bangalider sob theke boro anonder utsab..choto boro briddho sobai jeno je jekhanei thakuk maa durga r amontroner eii 4te din jeno keuu chaare naa..
    oofff..seii sonali roddur..seii dhaner khete chaari pashe kaash full..sheii dhaaker awaz..mon taake jeno baarir chaar dewaler baire tene niye jaii..
    amar barite pujo hoi..seii pujor 15din agey theke maayer murti te rong kora..mandir porishkaar kora..laddu toiri howa..koto rokomer laddu..moorkii..uuuffff…esob er essense ii alada..notun jama kapor kena theke shuru kore..saree pora..jhari mara[:)] hihihihi..evrythin is having it own speciality..isnt it???
    and den ashtamir raater khyan..raatri belai pujor khon..saara din uposh thaka n den finally raate pujo howa..maa o gurujon der..seii laal paar goroder saree pora..seii sindur khela..bondhuder sathe anondo..bhalo mondo khawa..byyy god..amar to likhte likhtei bhishon anondo hoccheee..
    pujor eii 4te din jeno..ullat anonder..and eii 4te din and er abhijatto amar kaache onek beshi..and 2day i can say I AM GLAD TO BE A BANGALI..
    souvick..i loved dis topicc..hatts off..wish u a very happyy pujaa…and just enjoy..[:)]

  3. Barir puj0r mojai alada… ami ageo suneChi.. & now after reading your comment, aro bhalo kore bujhte parchi…. kintu ami ekhono konodin barir pujo attend korini….

    Lets hope for the best, j kono ekdin korbo…

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