Essence of something new..!!!

Once I was told a fairy tale, there used to be a beautiful princess & a handsome prince… In the beginning they always had a good many problems in their lifes’.. But gradually , as time passed ,the problems used to get sorted out… The petals of love used to show its enigmatic beauty & At the end , I still remember the line which my mom used to tell, “And they lived happily ever after”…
I heard this particular story at least a hundred times from my mom but still, I never get bored … The time mom used to start this particular tale.. i always had a different feeling..
Today I’m sharing this with you because,

“I never knew stories can be true,
but sometimes some feelings make you feel essence of something new”


6 Replies to “Essence of something new..!!!”

  1. Down through the ages of time there will be,

    So many with desire of love you will see.

    Cherishing all love with-in their hearts with care,

    Standing by each other, eternal love they will share.

    All hearts will hold the true ESSENCE OF LOVE,

    With enchantment of feelings from heavens above.

    Serenity in life with each breath they will share,

    Expressed from the heart, when love fills the air.!!!!!

  2. if i dnt reply to dis will be very unfair to mee..ever since i hv taken birth i 2 hv heard stories starting wid lines like ONCE UPON A TIME…and ending wid AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER..and till nw i m very much fascinated by dese stories..
    these alws had a spcl effect in ma alws had a princess..a prince cuming riding a white horse..sum villain..sum finallyy d prince overcums all d barriers and takes his princes away from dis cruel world..its sooooooooooooo romantic…
    when i ws in std 10..i used 2 bunk mah english tutions evryday n used 2 cum home n watch CINDRELLA..cuming on sahara one..still whn i go 2 sum book fair..i search dat fairy tale books..n mah frnds make fun of mee..
    dunno must be sounding v funny..i still blv dis story to hpn wid mee..i still wait for an imaginary charecter..n i still live in dis wonderland of mine..whr im waiting for mah prince to propose mee on his knees n make mah life as beautiful as d fairy taless..and i knw sumday it will be TRUE..hihihi..
    again a veryy beautiful topic souvick..n dis one i simplyyy lovedddddddddd..[:)]

  3. You know… Miss. Romantic… ;). I wrote this post from the net lab…
    It was a off period…I went to the net lab..& started writing…I dunno why I wrote on this topic, but when I was writing I was being able to feel it.. & I just tried to show that in this post..
    The last thing I wanna add,
    I hear people say, I love you for this , love you for that..
    But I wanna say my princess, I love you very much…but dont ask me the reason because the reason is ‘unknown’…

  4. something which i wrote long ago..for mah dream person…

    i wana reach out to sum1 so dear,
    sum1 who is far away but seems so near…
    who perhaps dsnt knw d fact dat its hard for mee to keep heart intact…

    blv mee whn i say the things,i say,i mean they r true in every way..
    cos life hsnt been the same since i hv known a special name…the name of the boy i have fallen for…

    let mee say u dat deres a boy more precious then a diamond or a pearl…
    a boy whose smile jst makes my day…a boy whos handsome in every way…n this is a vision i can see that he has been created only for mee…

    this boy i tell u is alws in my mind..jst cnt stop thinkin abt him…cos he is 1 of his kind…he s a part of all dat i do…n all i wana tell him that…I AM CRAZYYY FOR YOU…

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