Kaminey- A film Or a headache costing 110 bucks!!!

A fine afternoon , a pleasant weather, 2 of my close friends, a fantastic mood , then came ‘Kaminey’ , a film ,rather I will prefer to say a headache costing 110 bucks. .
I wont say anyone,don’t watch the film but I will say, please go & watch the film and tell me what is the fact of the film…. Some people will say ,’ fhut up’ (s=f) , the acting was fa-ff-fa–faantastic’. Yes, i agree. Shahid showed that he is a matured actor of our film industry now. But, my questions to them are,
1.”Can you tell me who bought the packets of moov for Shahid, coz i’m sure his legs were paining after giving the shots, because I saw him running in the whole film..”
2.”Can you tell me which dead body looks like the same as a living person after 2 days of death??”
3.”Can you tell me what is the need of saying ‘sonamoni mukhta dekhao to?’ at serious moments?”

& so on…..
I personally feel VIshal Bhardwaj could have made a way better film with the plot he had than ‘Kaminey’ …

3 Replies to “Kaminey- A film Or a headache costing 110 bucks!!!”

  1. heya …dude …..finally got to read ur reveiw on kaminey ….k i personally think tht i should nt pass any comments on ths coz since i hav nt watched the movie till nw ….i don hav anything to say as such ….thts diff. case …anyways i found ur review funny ….n entertaining …k lol…..anyways cool website …verywell organized …much appreciated…worth readin it ….got to lean n see many more stuffs …..n btw u look gud in tht pic ..k n i hope u l;ike it …i m not exxgagerating k thn bye tc

  2. n last but nt the least expect the unexpected whn it cums to souvick….r8 …all the best dude …gud job …n well done ….

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