2nd years..!!

New session..new feelings… some responsibilties, some fun… sometimes professionalism, sometimes being informal… some new conflicts, some new friendships… a new start to a new year…my 2nd years.
The starting– The beginning was not that good. The day I reached hostel, I came to know that the fan of our room is not working. My room-partner(Neel) was also not there. Suffered some days without fan.. Then came cs-mania.. lost to a 4th years team in the 1st match.. Next, attended 1st meeting of BCET_ERPC being a 2nd year.. to be true, I was dissapointed a-bit after coming across this years team.. But, the ideas of ‘hierarchy’ & ‘monthly bulletin’ were good.. I’m also into making a blogsite for promoting AEIE(Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering).. a new trade, new prosperities…
Welcome juniors
My juniors are joining on 17th of this month, looking forward to that. I’m sure the ragging session gonna be fun for them.. I’m waiting to come across some real potential..
This year gonna be a real special for me… Dont know why but i’m having such a feeling.. Lets see, Am I correct or not??

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