Mussoorie nights…!!

After experiencing the heritage of our capital (New Delhi) & the chastity of the world-famous ‘Tajmahal’ (Agra) ,we headed to Haridwar….. but, just to spend a couple of horibble nights. We were completely unaware of it being the ‘Shraban’ month & the ‘bhole bam'( disciples of mahadev) people made Haridwar completely impossible.. wherever your eyes go you will be able to see saffron innerwears (believe it or not, the dont wear anything except for innerwears). So, after 2 days at Haridwar, we literally flew to Mussoorie…. & which I felt to be ‘The 2nd heaven in the lap of Himalaya’s’ ..

Its 28 km away from Dehradun & takes approximately one & a half hour by Bus to reach.. Buses are available at day time in the ‘Old Bus Dipot’ of Dehradun. We reached Mussoorie around 10.30 am… booked hotel, had lunch & without wasting time, booked tickets for the side-scene tour on that day only..

That tour, for me, was a never forgettable 5 hours.. My words are too trifle to express the endless flow,the never ending ‘music’ of the ‘Kempi falls’ , the silent existance of the ‘Manasha Temple’, the sweetness of the swans when they slightly dip their head in the lake, the beauty of Mussoorie when the clouds covers it with care, thinking her to be its darling …. those fellings are inexplicable, enigmatic…. & at nights , believe it or not, every single place of Mussoorie becomes a pricessless balcony seat to experience the view of Dehradun which looks like thousands of scattered diamonds… glittering all together..

I loved that place … & I will advice you … if you are really a nature-freak, if you wanna see nature at her best attires, visit Mussoorie once..

4 Replies to “Mussoorie nights…!!”

  1. well…. looking forward to it…
    the pitures here are imported from orkut album.
    unfortunately orkut doesnt open here, neither are the pitures imported. i wish i could see the pictures…

  2. Mussoorie is qeen among the hills.It’s stunning natural scenaries,waterfalls,range of mountains covered with cloud,bustling mall etc have always cast a spell on the tourists & other visitors.Definitely a great getaway from the stressedlife of New Delhi,where I stay.The evenings r enchanting & the valleys filled up by descending clouds is min boggling.Have gone to Mussoorie before,but as they say u savour the beuty of such a place for time immemorial.Again visiting the place with family on 12 oct 10 & really looking fwd to it.

  3. only thing that made my day was a night walk ..though its chilling out there but believe me the moments are breathe taking … The streets under street lights , the view of dehradun (ur heart will feel like bursting with joy )..

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