A visit to ‘Taj-mahal’….

Taj Mahal, a fusion of Indian and Persian architecture, is situated on the right banks of the Yamuna river.Its made of white marble in the loving memory of the then Empress of India…‘Arjumand Bano Begum’, well-known as Mumtaz.. Behind this world famous architecture there’s a ‘a husband’s love for his wife’ ,the then Emperor of India, Shahjahan…..
The construction work started in the month of December, 1631 A.D. & came to a finish in the year 1648 A.D. It is said that the exterior of Taj Mahal is persian.. but the soul in it, is Indian..

The tombs of the Empress Mumtaz & Emperor Shahjahan are situated centric below the main dome. Mumtaj Mahal was a real noble lady. The tomb of Mumtaz is inscripted like this,” The tomb of Arjumard Bano Begum called Mumtaj Mahal, died in the year 1040 Hijri (thats 1631 A.D.) The Hurs of the Heaven came down to greet her and the angels on date of her death said In the Heaven may always be Mumtaz’s seat”… And the tomb of his loving husband is inscripted like this,”The Mansoleum of the most exite majesty living his above in paradise, the second Lord of constellation, may ever flourish. Here lies Shahjahan , Emperor called Firdaus Ashyani (a dweller of Paradise) who was born like Jimur when jupitus and Venus were in Heaven. He passed away from the world on the night of 28th on the month of Rajab 1666 A.D.”
‘The Lady of the Taj’ died only in the age of 39.. It was her elegance , beauty which made the Emperor of India not to marry again… After the death of his wife, Shahjahan passed his life in great agony & disgust..imprisoned by his own son Aurangazeb.. The Jharokha or a glimpse of the beautiful Taj kept him alive in his last days…

Anyway… I cherish the memories of my visiting that place… Its “one of the seven wonders of the world… & to quote to Mr.M.G.Forest,”It is like one of those daughters of God, who were most divinely fair..”

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