Delhi uncovered…!!

‘$orry’ – yup!!… that’s the word i’m gonna start this post….I feel like I owe you guys something for my long absence. So to win you all back, and generate more interest in the blog, I am jumping right in with a post named – ‘Delhi uncovered’.. ..

New Delhi…. our capital… located on the banks of the River Yamuna, has been continuously inhabited since the 6th century BC. After the rise of the Delhi Sultanate, Delhi emerged as a major political, cultural and commercial city along the trade routes between northwest India and the Indo-Gangetic plains. Its official name is NCT(National Capital Territory of Delhi). At some places, its very beautiful, well-planned & well-maintained city(the main Delhi), The India Gate, Parliament House, The Red Fort, Neheru Museum, Lotus Temple, President Palace…those places were simply kewl… But ,in the outskirts, I found it very dirty..(near Ghaziabad)& now the constructions of metro stations are also under process. ..& that adds some more dusts to our capital…
On the contrary, the transports are of high level there, the metro service is simply outta has been given a foreign look,…the well-maintained roads, hundreds of fly-overs, thousands of scy-scrappers …. makes New Delhi really the capital of India….

Here are some clicks…..

On the left- Delhi roads..!! On right-Famous Red Fort

I was wandering at Rajghat…suddenly I saw a view & clicked…and this came out….

On the left- Parliament house…On right-The Lotus temple…

2 Replies to “Delhi uncovered…!!”

  1. your photos are great and wonderfull…..
    calling me to visit them all….. hoep i can visit the beauty of india
    marvelous vick!!!! keep up ur work…
    can’t wait for your next “beauty”

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