Being nostalgic with Indian Railways…

A station, crowded platforms, hundreds of lines showing their curves(lol..), thousands of trade-cries, a noisy situation, a hot atmosphere, unknown trains arriving & leaving, and then spotting the required one, a whistle & a start to a new journey….

This is how it started for me to Delhi & trust me it couldn’t be better as it was Indian Railways..

The trains, the blue- sky blue coloured bogies, the different shaped engines, some exhaling smoke & some having the bent rod connencting the electric wires above, those have been a tribute to watch for the last 152 years…

Two days back, while sitting beside the window(in train) & dazing outside , I beacame a viewer of a scene of say 10 years back, It was my smiling face ( of 8 years), & I was shooting questions after questions to my mom, “Ma , eta ki?? Ma, ota ki?Ma ota erokom keno?” & mom was trying hard to answer my all questions… lol… that brought a broad smile in my face. You see, these nostalgic feelings made the journey much more memorable for me..

In my life, my aim is to be a person enriched with feelings & after this trip i’m somewhere . So, today I just wanna thank Indian Railways ..

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