A tour finished… the feelings unveiled….

3 days & 3 nights …some quality time & some inexplicable feelings… unforgettable scenic beauties & my clicks.. sweet kids riding on horses & also an aunty trying hard to fit on a horse (that poor horse!!)… cute nepali girls & their pink cheeks … royal tasty foods & can of tasteless foster’s beer …. a lifetime experience…. that was the tour for me….

Now i’m at home & packing for my next trip to Delhi (leaving tomorrow). But the feelings of that place are as fresh as i’m still wandering in some zic-zac way there… Darjeeling is beautiful.. sometimes, at some places its dirty (it is my humble request to all tourists ..please dont make Darjeeling or any tourist spots dirty..its your India ,its your world..) but still its beautiful… you can feel the essence of ‘heaven’ if you are lucky enough to see the Kanchanjangha, the 3rd highest peak of India…But in monsoon its tough enough to get that lucky…

But in monsoon , the flowers, the greenery add a special charm to the beauty of the ‘queen’.. thousands of different species of flower, the green cover of fresh leaves make the ‘queen’ much more beautiful…
Then … according to the rule of time… that time also came when we had to leave ‘the queen of hills’…

I remember when I was leaving Darjeeling… my ears were sharp enough to catch me murmuring…
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep;
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep..

If anyone of my readers are interested in buying any of the pictures (prints available – matted print, laminated print, framed print,canvas print) then click below..

3 Replies to “A tour finished… the feelings unveiled….”

  1. quite cool to see you commercializing things… atleast you thought of “money”… and quite cooler to see no mention of the guy who went along with and stayed with you !

  2. The term is not ‘commercialization’ … its about admiring something….
    & for yor next point… I’m sorry..:(..

  3. the snaps took mee to the hilly trails of darjeeling that take twists and turns to rise high upto the soaring mountains….i loved the write-up too…

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