An encounter with a shy girl…!!

I’m staring at a girl for a long time..trying hard to see her properly..but she is too shy to show herself… she is v-e-r-y beautiful but she doesn’t want me to see her beauty.. dunno why.!. Listen to my heart lady you will come across some questions & I want the answers… what is my mistake?? have I done anything wrong??my eyes are eager to fulfill their thirst for cant be so rude..!! ..hey Wait!!!.. she is peeping through the cover of fogs…I can see her blushing face..she is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l & her name is Darjeeling

Today, I guess the temperature is around 10 degree. It was raining heavily early in the morning & that made me enjoy the bed for quite a long time…lol… I got up at 10.. brushed ,dressed, took an umbrella & started walking… Trust me I never knew beauty can be so beautiful…the more you stay here the more you feel like staying here…

Next, we had breakfast in a place named ‘Hasty tasty’..a veg burger & a 7up ..the food was good to have..then, we had a walk in the uphills …the beauty of the place , the people,the trees,the views what I stored in my eyes are inexplicable, simple outta words.. I tried to catch the beauty with a lens, clicked some nice pics(I used the word ‘some’ but I took around 130 shots…;>) & I will be uploading them soon..
Gotta go now.. but….

If I were a ‘poet’ I would have the most happiest person because today I felt the most beautiful feelings i’ve ever felt in my life… trust my words…

6 Replies to “An encounter with a shy girl…!!”

  1. “Tomay dekhechi sharodo praate….tomay dekhechechi maadhobi raate tomay dekhechi e…….”

    yes…truly i viewed “her”[miss darjeeling!] through your eyes….souvik,

    good approach….keep it up.and keep posting…..and of course…enjoy “her”……..


  2. that is really awsm.the beauty of dargeeling is wonderfully explained by you.I really regrting bcoz I didn’t got the permission to go to dargeeling.newayz,the photographs are very nice.I can say now that my rum partner is a professional photographer.
    thanks for showing me the beauty of dargeeling once again


  3. hey………. the way of explaining the beauty is awesome. i cud myself experience every tinge of it. i hv also gone to this place a no. of times…………but srsly its was nt so beautiful, as its now(through ur words). truly darjeeling shall always be in the “zenith” for its beauty, calmness, and simplicity.

  4. woaaaah…. 🙂
    well written in few words…
    i had nvr been to darjeeling…bt itz B.e.@.U.t.i.F.u.l….through ur eyes….. 🙂

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