Darknes$ has its own beauty…

Its is my 2nd visit to Darjeeling..& I’m loving this place even more… Sorry!! wrong word used… you can’t address Darjeeling by a word ‘place’..its a lot more than that… it$ such a beauty which you can’t even dream to dream

Its foggy over here now…havn’t seen Kanchanjangha yet..but we are hopeful…The last time I was here, I was not that much lucky to see the sunrise..Lets hope for the best this time..

Now lets come to today… The evening tour in the ‘mall'(.. today I discovered darkness in hills has its own beauty.. the proper way to define the beauty will be “a beautiful woman wearing a black saree & you are getting the sensous feeling..),the cup of Darjeeling tea in fiesta (which dint tasted that good because of our experiment..lol..)..n right now the sharing the feelings with my readers… Its simply superb..
$igning off for now…

Love you my $weetheart…love you Darjeeling..

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