The last day of my 1st year$…

Yes… I have come to the end of my 1st years…Today is the last day….

Tomorrow after 3 pm I will be in the second years. I’m loving this new feelings. Tomorrow we have our Chemistry exam. Havn’t yet touched the book. What should we do when we don’t feel like giving exam???….

But I know I’ve to give my exam & have to perform good. I have promised someone…..

Sorry don’t have time to write today. I’ve many inexplicable feelings of my 1st years to share with my blog….So will be back soon.

2 Replies to “The last day of my 1st year$…”

  1. lol… trust me dude, u will live the second yrs… u will love the second yrs… its so full of fun, and interaction… its a new life alltogether!! i will miss my second yr!!
    am into 3rd yr!! am a super senior now! 😛

  2. heyy..dear..its true..2nd year is the best time of college experience all will make it so special..if u truly wana enjoy ur life just do full MASTI in dis year..bcs we miss our 2nd yr…

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