4 down, 2 to go…

I’m in a better situation now..& i’m sure everyone can guess the reasons because of my post-headings…lol..

The last exam was C. It went exactly that way that I expected. I knew i’m gonna rock for that 3 hours &  I did. I heard some people saying that the paper was lenthy.I completed it within 2 hrs 25 mins. Dunno what made them think it to be lenthy!! But the exam before C, mr. mechanics, I literally screwed that one. I dunno what I’m gonna get in that paper..Anyway , still i’ve got 2 more exams left. Better performance in them can show me some ray of hope of scoring overall good points…

Apart from studies, yesterday we enjoyed alot. It was our last party being a 1st year. Oh!! i’ll never forget these nights… Few more days left of my 1st years & in these days i’m loving my life more than ever…

$igning off for now.. $aionara….

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