Exam$ – nightmare$ or fun???

Hmm… exams !!! yeah .. our 2nd sem is knocking at the door… again those days, those tiring nights … those sleepy eyes…those hot mug of coffees’ of horrible taste..ah!!!…

If you term exams as nightmares that will be because you can’t close your eyes for 1 sec.. they make you study… they create a distance between you and your laptop… & no one like those things…. you can’t watch a movie.. you can’t think properly… what you do is to make a routine of the rest exams..how you will complete this subject in a couple of days only..then again you get up and sit for preparing for the next war(exam)..  & yes personally speaking I hate exams for these things…

But still exams are fun for me.. a bunch of inexplicable feelings come accross my way… those sleepless nights .. those fights for a single ‘boond’ of coffee which were definitely not of good taste..(we were the makers thats why).. am happy that i’m going to feel those feelings once again.. I’m happy that i’m going to give my 2nd sem….

Best luck for all wbut-ans & others who are giving exams…  🙂

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