Old lady:”Yes, I’m content..!!”

An old lady..
An old lady..

This sketch lies  very close to my heart. It may look like a very common picture, but its expressions make it “different”.

Sometimes we become very happy in the path of life, that time we don’t think after sometime things can change and we can enter the “dark woods” of sadness. Again, when we are lost in the  “desert of sadness” we forget that time will lead us to the “oasis” of  happiness . These feelings only depends upon time & your essence lies in the path you follow. If we run after happiness, its inevitable that we will find sadness at the end of our path.

“The more older you are, the more beautiful you become”. Its not the so called “glamour” what makes us beautiful , its our experience , our way of choosing decisions , our soul that beautifies ourselves.  At the verge of life , once I need to say myself ,  “yes, i’m content”…. that’s exactly what matters for me in the end..

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