E-\/\/eek ’09 yatra..

The co-ordinator batch
The co-ordinator badge

I become so numb..become…..

Me – Yes, Anirban da. Say….
Anirban da- Come down as soon as possible ,and be fast.Ba-bye.
Me – Ok, coming …

After 1 minute…

Anirban da – Hey Souvick, lets talk business.
Me – Sure.
Anirban da – Suggest me some names from your stream who is innovative, good at communication skills……
Me – Boy or girl?
Anirban da – 2 boy and 2 girl..
Me – Let me think…hmmm… not getting any boys’ name but from girls I will suggest……hmm….may be  Sonali Roy.
Anirban da – and??
Me – From boys I think… I can…..
Anirban da – You are on.
Me- But for what?
Anirban da – NEN…

That’s how it started for me…… being totally unaware of what is “e-week” stuff and what to do with it. But sooner, things started changing. I started understanding, enjoying the work, the responsibility. Adding to our pleasure, we (the 1st years) were tagged as “co-ordinaters”. We started getting involved more & more……..  Time went on flowing & brought the day of “inauguration” . What an awesome start it was! Starting off “e-week ’09 yatra”  by illuminating a “lamp of hope”.


Those 7 days were packed with “loads” of work,fun,”masti”,interaction with seniors,batchmates & many more inexplicable feelings. This is first time in college , I joined myself with some activity. And now being a part of “e-cell” I can say that I took a right decision.

Our whole team…

The rocking team..!!
Some members of the rocking team..!!

Further update for this post is under process.

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