The change…

Sides - positive & negative...
Sides - positive & negative...

“Change – the only constant thing in life”,but the “rate of change” that differs from time to time. If I look into my life, in the last 6 months I experienced the maximum rate of change. And i’m happy to say maximum of them are positive.

The day I left my home and started a new journey of life I never imagined that “change” can make me that what i’m rite now. I dealt with many obstacles that came in my way.   And atlast, my endeavours  got fructified & thanks to the concerned person (God may be) for that. I’m a more matured person now. I can feel the change in my character , personality. And last but not the least, i must thank  my “college life”… though it has just started but its “jalwa” is easily visible.

Stages of change...
Stages of change...

2 Replies to “The change…”

  1. Souvick, i got your point. Your life has changed and you can feel the change. Would you mind explaining to us in a more elaborate way, few of the changes that you are experiencing in yourself, and how they occured? When did you get consious of these changes?

    1. “Time” is the ans to all of your questions….. this very word “change” is true for each and every person in this world & whenever they search the answer in the depth of their mind the common ans to all their questions is always “time”.
      Amongst the changes that I can feel within me, one I want to share that is my view which has become more optimistic & as a consequence now I persue a more positive attitude.
      I changed & it wasn’t my destiny. I changed because I wanted to.
      Guess i made myself clear and thanks alot for your attention to my posts.

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